Grade Point Average

Two grade point averages will be computed for each student. Both grade point averages will be included on transcripts for other academic institutions or agencies.

The all-subject grade point average will include all courses for which a letter grade is awarded, irrespective of the area of instruction or level of difficulty. No weighting system will be used, and all courses will be considered of equal rank regardless of the level of instruction (i.e. honors and advanced placement or other courses will also be scored on a four-point scale). All- subject grade point averages will be calculated on the four-point scale listed under the “All Other Courses” column on the table listed below.

The academic grade point average will include only those courses in the areas of English, world languages, mathematics, science, and social studies for which a letter grade is awarded. While honors courses are usually limited to these five areas, this does not preclude the possible inclusion of honors courses in the other areas. Such courses will be so identified if they meet the criteria established by the superintendent and are approved by the principal/ designee and by the committee of teachers to establish criteria for honors courses. Such approval will enable the particular course to be included in the computation of the grade point average described above.

Weighting of courses will be included in the method for determining grade point average as described above. The following point system, based upon the level of instruction, will be used:

Grade All Courses Honors, Advanced
Placement & Academy
A 4 points 5 points
B 3 points 4 points
C 2 points 3 points
D 1 points 2 points
F 0 points 0 points

Letter grades received from academic institutions outside of District 225 will be recorded on a student’s transcript but will not be counted in the student’s grade point average.

All-subject and academic grade point averages will not be used to determine a class rank for students. No information indicating a relative class rank using either the all-subject or academic grade point averages will be issued internally or externally to staff, students, parents, other academic institutions or agencies.

Glenbrook Scholars

The principal of each school shall designate as Glenbrook academic scholars members of each year’s senior class who meet the established academic criteria for Glenbrook Scholars. The determination of Glenbrook Scholars is made after the completion of a student’s seventh semester in high school. The final semester of a student’s senior year is not included in the determination of Glenbrook Scholars. The minimal criteria for a student who has completed three full semesters at a Glenbrook high school to be designated as a Glenbrook Scholar is the following:


Requirement Units of Credit
English 4.0
Mathematics 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies
— World History (recommended)
— U.S. History (required)
Physical Education 3.5*
Health 0.5
Drivers Education 0.25*
Constitution Test
(within U.S. History)
Consumer Education 0.5
Elective Courses 3.25
Fine Arts 0.5
Applied Arts 0.5
World Languages 2.0
Total 24.0
Grade Point Average Minimum
Academic GPA Minimum 4.50
All-Subject GPA Minimum 3.50
*Requirement may be fulfilled through an approved exemption.
Glenbrook Academy of International Studies

The Glenbrook Academy of International Studies is a four-year program of collaborative studies in English, history and world language which has been designed to meet the special needs, interests and abilities of a limited number of highly talented and motivated students who have an interest in global issues. Admission to this program is limited to thirty entering freshmen through a competitive selection process.

Persons wishing further information concerning the Academy Program, entrance requirements and admissions procedures may call or write:

Director, Glenbrook Academy of International Studies
4000 West Lake Avenue
Glenview, Illinois 60026
Phone: 847-486-4496


See your Guidance Counselor within Student Services with any questions.