Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms Honors 573


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Full Year

Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms Honors 573

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms is a year long course that continues and extends the work that was started in the prior year course, AP Computer Science A. ADSA focuses on fundamental algorithms and dynamic data structures, including linear lists, stacks, queues, trees, directed graphs, and other linked structures: arrays, strings, heaps, and hash tables. Topics include elementary methods of complexity analysis applied to algorithms that manipulate dynamic and static data structures, as well as algorithms focused on sorting and searching methods. Emphasis is placed on the appropriate choice and use of standard data structures. This course offers students a mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Alternative techniques for solving problems will be discussed and implemented. The study of data structures and algorithms is carried out within an object-oriented framework. When implementations are considered, the Java programming language is used.

PREREQUISITE: “B” or better in AP Computer Science A and GBS teacher recommendation