Astronomy Honors 171










One Semester

Astronomy Honors 171

Students will be afforded the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe through in-depth investigations in this honors level laboratory course. While telescope and naked eye observations, numerous laboratory activities, simulations and multimedia will be the means of this exploration, this course will provide a deep theoretical, conceptual, and mathematical understanding of how the universe works. Topics of study include the local neighborhood of our solar system, stars, galaxies, exotic objects (quasars, black holes), cosmology and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Students will use mathematical models to analyze various aspects of the universe, such as the motion of objects in the solar system, the electromagnetic spectra of stars and galaxies, and the search for other planetary systems. They will develop models that can be used to interpret the life cycles of stars and the story of the universe–past, present and future. In addition to high school credit, three hours of tuition-free college level science credit may also be obtained by juniors/seniors upon successful completion of this course. (An application fee of $25 is required if students elect to receive college credit.) This course fulfills the science graduation requirement.