Dance II


Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education


Physical Education






One Semester

Dance II

Dance II is a course for the experienced dancer. Students will learn a variety of advanced dance skills and terminology where detailed aspects of these techniques are at an accelerated pace. Students will concentrate on self-directed choreography in various dance styles. The course will also include fitness related activities focusing on strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance that are beneficial and appropriate to the Dance 2 curriculum. This is a performance based course in which a prerequisite is required.

Basic Skills Recommended:

  • Experience in choreographing. Regardless of the genre of dance. (Ex: Latin, Bollywood, Irish)
  • Teaching experience: Having a comfortability and the confidence to instruct their peers.
  • Independent work: Confidence to work on projects alone.
  • Performance based class: Performing solo, as well as in groups.


  • Approval of the dance teacher and demonstrate skills and the ability to choreograph from Dance 1.