Career and Technical Education


Applied Art






One Semester


Internship is an opportunity for students to focus on their passions and define or refine their intended college major and career goals to match their abilities and interests. Students will have support in identifying a placement to complete an internship with a local business in their area of interest. Students must complete 60 on-site hours in a semester, and meet in person in the classroom one time every other week for support and professional skills development. Students will complete an application process prior to registration to provide information and to confirm they can meet the criteria of clear room in their schedule in and outside of school to complete 60 hours on site at placement, have consistent transportation to travel to the internship site, or placement close enough to access transportation for travel to placement sites. and interest in a specific career pathway based on coursework, volunteering or other experience to support a commitment for the semester. Students meeting all criteria will earn a .5 credit using a Pass/Fail grading system. Internship placement hours can include during the course block, after school, weekends, and non-school days for flexibility with student availability. Course can be repeated with instructor approval. Information about this program will be available in the Career and Technical Education department and through student services with your counselor. Coordinating an internship placement will begin following registration. Internship course is open to Juniors and Seniors, with priority given to Seniors and Juniors as space available based on a wait list. Internship course fulfills Applied Art graduation requirement.