Junior Leaders 163, Senior Leaders 263


Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education


Physical Education






Full Year

Junior Leaders 163, Senior Leaders 263

This course is designed for students who are interested in developing leadership skills within a Physical Education environment. Junior year students will go through a year of training concentrating on lesson planning, teaching progressions, skill development, technique analysis, fitness development, and game strategies. The students will gain core knowledge of individual and team sports, fitness components, and leadership strategies. Senior year, students will be able to utilize their leadership skills and knowledge by assisting a Physical Education teacher. Responsibilities will include leading warm-ups, demonstrating and explaining skills, officiating game play, helping students with skill development, and being a positive role model to the students in class. Enrollment in this course precludes eligibility for seeking a waiver for varsity athletics or marching band.


  • Students must submit an application and be accepted by a committee composed of present leaders and members of the physical education staff.