Glenbrook Scholars

The principal of each school shall designate as Glenbrook academic scholars members of each year’s senior class who meet the established academic criteria for Glenbrook Scholars. The minimal criteria for a student who has completed three full semesters at a Glenbrook high school to be designated as a Glenbrook Scholar is the following:


Requirement Units of Credit
English 4.0
Mathematics 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies
— World History (recommended)
— U.S. History (required)
Physical Education 3.5*
Health 0.5
Drivers Education 0.25*
Constitution Test
(within U.S. History)
Consumer Education 0.5
Elective Courses 3.25
Fine Arts 0.5
Applied Arts 0.5
World Languages 2.0
Total 24.0
Grade Point Average Minimum
Academic GPA Minimum 4.50
All-Subject GPA Minimum 3.50
*Requirement may be fulfilled through an approved exemption.