Curriculum and Placement Goals:

The goal of Multilingual Learner courses is to support students with Entering to Expanding English proficiency in accessing grade level content while developing English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Entering level courses are designed to assist newcomers in adjusting to school in the US. Over time, Multilingual Learners take fewer ML courses as their English proficiency develops. Proficiency level descriptors reference the WIDA Consortium Framework.

Multilingual Service Delivery:

Multilingual Learner course offerings are taught by instructors endorsed in their respective content areas as well as English as a Second Language and/or Bilingual Education. Placement into courses for Multilingual Learners is informed by the WIDA Screener or ACCESS English proficiency testing and academic history. Placement is determined in collaboration with each student, their parent(s)/guardian, and the Instructional Supervisor for Multilingual Learners.





Social Studies

Guided Studies